Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Industry

Artificial Intelligence is unequivocally the “next big thing” for both law firms and corporate legal departments alike. While it may seem pragmatic to take a wait and see approach, the reality is that these emerging technologies are being used in the business and practice of law today. The capabilities and application of Legal AI solutions are accelerating at an ever-increasing rate, and what may seem like science fiction today will be commonplace tomorrow. Nexlaw Partners can help you better understand, plan for, and implement artificial intelligence technologies that will measurably impact your business.


The first step is to understand the Legal AI landscape of technologies and solutions, how they are being applied in the real world today, and where they are heading in the future. We do this through a variety of educational programs tailored to your organization. We are equally comfortable with the managing partner and the CIO, and our typical engagement includes both business AND technology focused segments.


Legal AI solutions can be applied to streamline operations, as well as create new product or service opportunities for your business. We will work with you to develop a Legal AI strategy that is realistic and aligned with your business and technology strategy. Our typical strategy engagement includes a mix of outside-in/inside-out research and analysis and facilitated sessions with your team.

Business Model Design

With a Legal AI strategy in-hand, whether operationally or market/client/product focused, the impact on the current business and culture must be considered. We follow the Business Model Canvas methodology to describe and design an appropriate business model that will ensure that your idea is setup for success.


The best business model is meaningless without implementation. Our experience with Legal AI and other emerging technologies will ensure a timely, on budget deployment of your solution. We follow an iterative, agile approach that accommodates and encourages changes throughout the implementation lifecycle.

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