Nexlaw puts innovation into practice

At Nexlaw, we combine our experience utilizing technology, process and design methods with our deep understanding of the business and practice of law to help organizations compete and grow in the face of the changing legal industry. We provide a range of services to our clients, and are regularly sought out to speak or write on numerous topics centered on practical innovation in the legal space and application of new technologies and service delivery methods. Our primary areas of focus include:

Legal A.I.

AI and other emerging technologies can streamline operations and create new product or service opportunities, but can also pose a threat to "traditional" legal service business models.
We help seperate hype from reality and work with organizations to take advantage of new technologies while understanding the impact on current business and culture.

Legal Process Design

We've worked with legal industry organizations to analyze and design processes from front office to back for optimal performance and profit.
We apply lean six sigma and process improvement methodologies to the business and practice of law, and use technology such as workflow automation and expert systems to optimize legal service delivery.

Innovation Programs

Innovation for innovation's sake is shallow marketing at best. We've worked with organizations from startups to global law firms to help them encourage and harness innovation across teams, applying lean principles and business model discipline to explore new products and markets and to create innovation programs that deliver results.

Our approach

Strategy and Design
We work with our clients to develop realistic strategies and design practical solutions to their business problems. We emphasize rapid testing and learning over abstract planning and business theory whether we are tackling internal operational challenges or investigating new product or service opportunities.

When it comes time for implementation, Nexlaw Partners can turn your strategy and design into reality. We have extensive experience working with clients through all phases of the technology development and deployment lifecycle for both custom and packaged solutions.

Change Management
What ties great strategy and great technology together is a focus on and commitment to the people who will be impacted by the solution. At Nexlaw Partners, we work with our clients to ensure that the “People” portion of “People, Process, and Technology” isn’t left behind.